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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  March 24, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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activity at wabash and edgewood road. megan back to you. >> thanks. all new this morning, look at your scene and -- screen and check out the video coming from miami florida a two-alarm fire caused a fuel tank explosion in the corner of the miami international airport last night. it is called a fuel farm where fuel is stored for airplanes. it happened away from the runways and terminals. firefighters on the scene this morning to make sure that fire doesn't rekindle. fire delayed only one flight and no one was injured. this morning more bad news for the baltimore police department. a a veteran city cop is charged with sexually abusing a girl living in his home. linda so is live with the latest. >> reporter: detective kevin roland worked here -- rowland worked here for the past 10 years. he is suspend charged with child abuse and assault. he is a married father of two with two boys. the victim is a girl living
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with the family. they say the -- the victim is a girl living with the family. they say it happened for the past seven months. sheriff deputies arrested him and are handling the case. the arrest is disturbing considering how many kids live nearby. >> not very good. you know, young daughter is-- i have two young daughters up the streets. it's very sad. >> reporter: now the police commissioner says members of the force will be held accountable. detective roland -- rowland was suspend with may when the investigation started -- was suspended when the investigation started with pay and now he has been charged he will be suspended without pay. detechives are going through two homes in -- detectives are going through
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two homes to fee information where a man was killed. >> you have the young generation. a lot of kids, you know, they need to be in school. and, you know, stay out of trouble. that's the only thing i can tell you. it's not like it used to be. >> investigators believe an argument among several teens may have led to the shooting. and anyone with information should call baltimore county police. two minutes after five right now. baltimore city police have released new surveillance pictures hoping to get clues in the murder of a city employee. david mclaughlin and friends were at a club in wood lawn over the weekend. another group followed them as they left. when the group stopped at a shell gas station in the 4500 block of edmonton avenue a. fight broke out. mclaughlin was stabbed to death. if you have information, call the number on the screen, 410-
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396-2012. we are learning new information about the man killed in a house fire in northwest baltimore. the two alarm fire broke out tuesday on springdale avenue. authorities say the victim is 63-year-old roger carter. his estranged wife says his wife pub -- he just published a book. hundreds of maryland patriots will head off to the middle east. more than 400 national guards soldiers will deploy to the sinai peninsula in egypt as part of the camp david accord. they will leave from dundalk, and silver spring. the troops will be in egypt for about a year. well, your facebook password and work password and twitter account. we have so many passwords for different reasons. and whether they remain private or not will be discussed today in annapolis. there's going to be a hearing on a bill that would make it illegal for your boss to ask
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for your user names and passwords for online websites. sherrieionson -- john -- sherrie johnson is here to explain more. >> reporter: the bill would make it illegal for an employer to ask an employee or job applicant to disclose the user names or passwords for online websites. issue came up when an employee with the department of corrections was forced to give up his facebook log in and watch while his employer look at his post and post of his family and friends. those in favor of the bill say that requiring a person to disclose this information is a clear violation of the first and 4th amendments of the constitution. both allow freedom of speech and the right of the people to secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizure from violation without warrants upon reasonable cause. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. charities from across the world are donating to japan.
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in japan charities collecteddonation earlier this month. volunteers sorted and delivered needed items including food and household products. a maryland woman teaches enlyric in japan in -- english in japan in an area hit hard by the earth conveying. she said on her facebook, don't forget to donate if you can. just because it's not the news doesn't mean they don't need help. it will take years to recover from. next month on april 2nd from noon until 3 p.m., area athletes will be signing autographs to help raise money for emergency relief efforts for the victims. joe flacco will be on hand and for $50 you can get two items autographed and for $100 you can get five items signed. wild weather across the country no doubt about it. snow in some areas, possible
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tornadoes in others. we will look at the damage that was caused by severe storms. and drivers are going out of their way to save money at pump no doubt about it. but, how you pay could be costing you in the long run.
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a powerful storm ripped through one community. sacramento, california, take a look at the clouds. authorities believe the tornado may have blown through the area. in one neighborhood, three homes were damaged and a large piece of someone's roof blown off. debris scattered all around the area and with all the damage, though, no one was hurt. the cleanup is on this morning in western pennsylvania after severe storms rolled through the area. check out the video. it's incredible. you can see funnel cloud in the air. officials say 30 homes were damaged or destroyed when the possible tornado hit along with two schools, several businesses too. thankfully, only five minor
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injuries were votered with the -- reported with the storm. we had crazy weather here last night. the thunder woke me up. >> thunder was hitting a couple times during the evening and at night with the second line of storms. really, a sharp contrast of temperatures. the next few minutes i will show you the high temperatures yesterday that really helped to fuel the energy -- energy with the storm. we are down to 40 in baltimore. there's a sign of cold air pushing in. there may be some flurries mixed in with the last round of precipitation. there are the storm reports. there's the tornado back in through western pennsylvania. and it occurred at 4:45. we are looking at most of the energy winding down. there's snow across new york and new england this morning. there's storms falling apart in the mountains. and while we may have a leftover shower or in youry, temperatures actually stay -- or flurry, temperatures stylly
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-- actually stay warm. >> reporter: the roads are a little wet. not too click but the -- slick but the occasional slick patch could creep up as you make your way out the door. looking at 895 a little past the 59 split, no issues heading towards the harbor tunnel. minor congestion at fort mchenry toll plaza on southbound side. but right now we are accident free as we take a peek at maps, we have a couple incidents including some high water blocking the right lane southbound bel air road at jerusalem road up in kingsville. we have fire activity reported in baltimore city at wabash and edgewood road. concerns are growing about radiation from japan's damaged nuclear power plant. specifically, on the food supply. now the u.s. food and drug administration is banning certain imports from japan to make sure that the contaminated food doesn't make its way into our grocery stores. milk, milk product, fruits, vegetables from affecteded areas will no longer be allowed
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in the united states. back up in your car, it can be tricky ordaining rouse when smaller kids are around. we will tell you -- dangerous when smaller kids are around. what-- we will tell you what the government may require to keep from lives being lost. elton john's touching tribute to elizabeth taylor.
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thanks for joining us this morning. it's 5:15. no doubt about it, backing up in busy parking lot can be hard look to make sure no one is behind. but sometimes you can't see people in your blind spots. the nation's capital is holding a hearing to make rear car cameras in your car manned tory. patrick is now 16. at 1 month he went from a healthy toddler to a pair pledgea in a parking lot -- paraplegic in a parking lot while he was holding his mother's hand. >> a man throws his car in reverse without warning and is not paying attention, and before my mom reaps for me and tries to grab me but before she can, the car hit me and ran me over. >> according to the department
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of transportation, 300 children are killed every year what car backs into them. advocates say a rear visibility rule proposed by the transportation department would put an end to backup deaths. it would require all cars to have rear mounded cameras -- mounted cameras. gas prices continue to climb. and jeff leonard from the national association of convenience stores says paying with plastic may be actually hurting your bank account even more. lendard -- leonard says gas stations are charged 2% every time you use a credit or debit card to top off your tank. at 3.50 a gallon that's 7 cents extra in credit card fees. >> the retailers, they have to pass that on or eat it when they have very, very slim margins. ultimately, the customer pays the price. >> paying with your -- paying for gas with your debit card can hurt your bank account. leonard says when banks don't know the final of your gaspurchase they put a hold on
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your bank account freezing it up for more than you spent sometimes for days. lenored suggest to look for gas stations that offer discounts for paying with cash. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:17. we look back at yesterday. no doubt we are staying on the cool side. it could have been colder or warmer. officially 46 in baltimore. definitely missing our two degree guarantee but after a morning snow band that came through in new york, they made it to 37. cool air to central maryland and protected us to what happened to the west. pittsburgh 69, 70s widespread to the south. that was the boundary that created the nasty weather that blew through and while they were down with tornadoes and damage reports this morning outside of pittsburgh, temperatures this morning go down to near freezing. we will be watching that cold air continue to slide to the south and that will dominate the weekend weather pattern. showers left over. this is the last little push of
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energy with the system. it slide through and we may get rain showers around baltimore annapolis and between 6 and 8:00 and you will notice energy to the north. that may spin up flurries or snow showers. so it's a sign of winter fighting back today. most of the showers of any variety would be this morning bit of damp roads. we are up to 46 and that's the best we will do despite the fact we will have clearing. it's about the cool air sliding in. that allows to us slip down below freezing overnight because there's been early sprouts in your garden. and we encourage you to protect the plants at least tender vegetation headheading through tonight's lows at 27. wide view. once we get the system out, it looks dry. but a potent system out to the west will catch up in a very cold pattern and it will really energize as we leave through the weekend. the future radar indicates the fact we clear out. watch the cloud come back in for the start of the weekend. a hint of some moisture across the mountains of west virginia and western virginia itself.
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this moisture may slip to the south during the day on saturday, but saturday night and sunday, another push could give us snow. check out this extended forecast. temperatures 45 tomorrow will be 42 and thickening clouds on saturday. afternoon evening a wintery mix could lead to a slushy accumulation with falling temperatures sunday morning. kim. >> reporter: this morning if you are counting, the buses or trains are off to a really good start. no reported service delays and services on schedule for the local bus, light rail and marc train and commuter and mobility services from the mta. looking at the beltway, 695 at wilkins, everything is moving very nice. traffic is at speed with no reported delays around the baltimore betway. 795 looks good on the southbound stretch between route 140 down towards owings mills. we have reports of high water up in kingsville affecting the southbound lanes of bel air road at jerusalem road. that takes away the right lane this morning. and in baltimore city, some lingering fire activity at wabash and ed edgewood.
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expect to see -- at edgewood road. expect to see lanes blocked because of fire equipment. 20 minutes after five. on march 24th, time to say happy birthday to everybody celebrating a birthday today. tracy o'neil sent in this picture of her grandfather who turns 90 years old today. he's been married to ann for more than 68 years. he has four children, 11 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild. during the time from 1940 to 1942, he played in the negro baseball league for jacksonville florida redcaps and for the baltimore braves. he's's been a member of bethel ame church for more than 50 years. he is a community leader in the community and a world war ii veteran retired from bethlehem steel. happy birthday mr. corely. hope you have a wonder -- corely. hope you have a wonderful day. this first chinese leopard
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made its first appearance. pretty cute. if you have a birthday or something interesting you want to share, we would be happy to share it. send it to morning show at and give us all the facts behind the picture so we can share it with everybody else. 5:21. time for entertainment news. >> first i want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office. i didn't physically hurt any bon i -- onep i didn't try to -- one. i didn't try to hurt anyone. >> that's what chris brown had to say on bet about losing his cool after an appearance on "good morning america" on tuesday. brown was annoyed by robin roberts' questions about his past with ex-girlfriend rihanna. the glass window in the dressing room was found shattered after he left the studio. the world says bye to a silver screen icon. elizabeth taylor passed away from congestive heart failure.
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she captivated audiences when she was 12 and throughout her live she wowed them with her beauty, tallened and later -- talent and later on her activism for aids. >> she was the last i was going to say the last of a special breed. but even in her own time there was no one like her. she was larger than life. >> she had the wings of an eagle, the heart of a dove, and the feet of a roadrunner. she had the eye of the tiger. she was a diamond in the rough. >> elizabeth taylor was 79. a private funeral will be held later on this week. elton john gave a touching tribute to taylor last night dedicating the song, don't let the sun go down on me" in memory of his dear friend. [ music ] ♪ ♪ [ music ]
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5:26 right now. airline fees continue to climb. you may see a change in your ticket prices, other fees may not be as noticeable. and the charges can add up very quickly. if you buy a ticket over the phone, it's going to cost you more. as much as 25 bucks more. when you go to the airport, it's about 50 dollars more for a middle seat and overweight bags. >> 160 bucks for a bag. what do you think? >> well, in this experiment the reporter wrapped up -- racked up more than 500 bucks in extra fees, more than the ticket costwhich was about $400.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:26. there's going to be a big change. we will have colder weather sliding in. you are noticing that with highs yesterday stuck in the 40s. and this morning, another band of showers and there could be snowflakes mixed in. nothing really expected to besticking as we will stay with the 46 this afternoon and just a small chance of the showers this morning and clearing late in the day. 47 tonight, 45 tomorrow. and here's situation on the weekend. i've been analyzing the computer model and i understand there's a widespread of what you've heard across many sources. thickening clouds probably mostly cloudy skies setting up on saturday. there could be showers late in the day with one system passing to the south and as we head through the overnight, there will be a wintery mix and more snow that could add to a slushy accumulation on sunday morning as temperatures drop to near freezing and then a mix of wet snow and rain on sunday with a high of only 38. we will warm up let's say warm up again into the 40s next week.
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megan. >> thanks i love your positive spin on things. apple is pulling a app from the itune store and for $10 you can play like tiger woods. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, ever since at&t announced the plans to buy t- mobile usa, there's been speculation but how it will affect existing customers. most athanks been -- most of the attention has been focused on t-mobile but it could affect those with at&t as well. >> it could be a positive thing that if at&t gets access to the t-mobile gsm network which at&t use, phone services could work better than they do now. >> reporter: now all ice turn to federal regulate -- eyes turn to federal regulators to see if it is approvedch the gay app is now gone. but you still can get doll of lessons -- golf lessons from
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tiger woods. the app cost $10 and he is donating his share to his foundation. those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.


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